Cinema for everyone, everywhere.

Hasta La Vista, Bambino! Whether you're a Spanish speaker who wants to enjoy an English-language movie in Miami, or an English speaker going to the cinema in Milan, language is no longer a barrier to enjoying the big-screen movie experience.

Ready to watch the latest movies in your own language? Install PARLAMO on your smartphone, choose a language or audio description soundtrack from PARLAMO's Library and head to the cinema.

Sitting comfortable? Got your popcorn? Put on your headphones, press the PLAY button and PARLAMO does the rest, automatically syncing between the movie and your soundtrack. Now sit back and enjoy the big screen experience - IN YOUR OWN LANGUAGE!

*(subject to AD content as provided by the film companies).

PARLAMO is a smartphone app that allows you to enjoy the latest movies at the cinema in your own language, regardless of your geographical location.  

Ready to experience movies in your own language? Click on the icons below to download Parlamo or find us in the App stores under Parlamo - and subscribe to our newsletter HERE

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